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Sunburst Doggy Mat

Sunburst Doggy Mat 

By Candice @CleosLadder

Materials Used: Fox Yarn Co T-Shirt Yarn (1 skein can make multiple!)

           Size M 9MM Crochet Hook

Pattern Notes: This project is worked in a continuous round.

Stitch Abbreviations:   MC - Magic Circle

            SC - Single Crochet

            SS - Slip Stitch

            HDC - Half Double Crochet

            HDC inc - Half Double Crochet Increase (2 HDC in 1 stitch)

            FPDC - Front Post Double Crochet

Round 1: MC, sc 6 in MC, place stitch marker (6 sc)

Round 2: HDC inc (12 HDC)

Round 3: HDC inc (24 HDC)

Round 4: *HDC inc in next 4 sc, 1 HDC in next sc* Repeat * around (40 HDC total)

Round 5: HDC inc, *FPDC, HDC, HDC inc* Repeat * around (41 total HDC, 13 FPDC)

Round 6: (optional color change) 1HDC, *FPDC, HDC, HDC inc, HDC* Repeat * until the last FPDC. After last FPDC, HDC 1, HDC inc, sc 1, and ss next 2 sc.  (52 total HDC, 13 FPDC, 1sc, 2 ss). Finish off and weave ends.

I hope you and your fur baby love the Sunburst Doggy Mat! 


I’d love to see your creations, and if you make and/or sell, please give design credit by mentioning @CleosLadder!